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All you need to know
about WOM

  • → What is WOM?
    WOM is the native token of the WOM Protocol used to reward word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • → How do I earn WOM?
    WOM Tokens can be earned on the YEAY app and the WOM Authenticator app. With the YEAY app users can make recommendation videos and stake tokens to have the recommendation authenticated. Once a video passes authentication, users can earn WOM Tokens through engagement with their recommendations.
  • The YEAY app is available on iOS and Android:
  • The WOM Authenticator enables users to authenticate WOM content and earn WOM Tokens.
    It is available on iOS and Android:
app-store app-store
  • → Where do I to buy and sell WOM?
    The WOM Token is listed on the following exchanges:
    Bithumb Global
  • → What kind of content can earn WOM?
    WOM stands for “word of mouth”, i.e. recommendations between friends and followers. Recommendations can be made about anything: shoes, movies, festivals, video games, doctors, hairdressers, yoga instructors, etc. Recommendations made on WOM Protocol-supported platforms can be reviewed by authenticators. When the recommendation passes authentication, it is eligible to earn WOM Tokens.
  • → What are Authenticators?
    Authenticators identify and validate valuable word-of-mouth content within the WOM Ecosystem. They use the WOM Authenticator app to validate recommendations according to: authenticity, creativity, and positivity on a 0-10 scale. They earn WOM Tokens for finding consensus with other authenticators and lose WOM Tokens if they deviate from the majority.
  • → What role do brands/advertisers play in the WOM Protocol?
    Brands spend WOM Tokens on campaigns that involve recommendations about their products and services. These WOM Tokens are paid to the creators as part of the rewards they earn for the engagement on their recommendations. No creator has or needs contracts with brands.