Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the WOM Protocol?

The WOM Protocol is a blockchain-based marketing technology that unlocks the power of word-of-mouth recommendations to enable ecommerce businesses to increase sales and boost customer loyalty.

The WOM Protocol is an entire ecosystem of creators, authenticators, ecommerce stores, apps, brands and advertisers. Creators recommend products and services they love, the recommendations are crowd-authenticated and then used by platforms and ecommerce stores to increase conversion and reward the creators and authenticators in the process.


What does the Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit contain?

The Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit includes the WOM Web Recorder which enables customers to record their recommendations for your products, and the WOM Web Viewer which enables you to display those recommendations on your product pages and elsewhere on your website.


How do I install the Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit?

The Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit is available on Shopify at the following link:

Installation is easy and free! For more details, see the App listing.


Can the Web Viewer and the Web Recorder be used separately?

Yes. The Web Viewer and the Web Recorder do not both need to be implemented. You can use one or the other independently.

The WOM Protocol is an entire ecosystem of platforms and creators that all work together to create and benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations. This means that, for example, if you wanted to only use the Web Viewer and display recommendations that were created on other platforms for your products, you don’t need to also implement the Web Recorder to get recommendations from your current customers.

However, using both the Web Viewer and the Web Recorder together is the best option to ensure that you get awesome recommendations from your fans for your website and reward them in the process, increasing customer loyalty.


WOM Campaign Manager

What is the WOM Campaign Manager?

The WOM Campaign Manager gives brands direct access to authenticated word-of-mouth recommendations and enables them to increase their exposure and conversion through targeted marketing campaigns. The Campaign Manager:

  • Provides an interface for brands to interact with the WOM Economy.
  • Supports brand-related content creation and engagement, campaigns can be created by brands, retailers, and marketers.
  • Facilitates the creation of campaigns consisting of a budget based on time or engagement KPIs and other criteria that define the content receiving the extra reward.
  • Provides a means of analyzing campaigns and other brand-related activities in the protocol.


How does the WOM Campaign Manager work?

  1. Set up a free account. Once logged in you’ll be able to browse through the entire library of WOM-approved video content and search for your own branded and competitor content.
  2. Set up a wallet and purchase WOM Tokens directly in the Campaign Manager.
  3. Select the videos you want to use on your website or that you want to boost on other social platforms. You can filter by your brand or specific product sets.
  4. Set your campaign criteria, including dates and budget, then launch your campaign to display the chosen recommendations on your website or to boost the selected videos with increased exposure on WOM-supported platforms.
  5. Monitor the success of your campaign, drill into the performance of individual videos, and add and remove content at any time.


How do I access the WOM Campaign Manager?

Simply sign up for an account at:


How much does the WOM Protocol cost?

The Word of Mouth Marketing Toolkit is free to download and use. You can also sign up for the Campaign Manager and view all the content about your products for free.

In order to create campaigns and display recommendations on your website, you will need to create and pay for campaigns. All campaign budgets are paid for in WOM Tokens–the WOM Protocol native crypto token. You pay based on engagement with the recommendations so there is no cost to you until your potential customers see the recommendation on your website.


How do I earn through the WOM Protocol?

When your customers create recommendations via the WOM Web Recorder on your website, you earn a share of the WOM Token rewards from these recommendations. This means that, while you pay to run campaigns to display the recommendations, you can recoup part of your costs as people engage with the recommendations on your website.

The rewards are paid in WOM Tokens and are visible in your wallet in the WOM Campaign Manager.


How do my customers get rewarded through the WOM Protocol?

When potential customers view a recommendation you display on your website, the creator of the recommendation is rewarded with WOM Tokens via the WOM Protocol. The WOM Protocol calculates and distributes rewards every 24 hours.

When someone records a recommendation on your website, they register for an account with the YEAY app. With the YEAY app they can see their recommendations and their wallet where their earnings are stored.


WOM Tokens

What are WOM Tokens?

WOM Tokens are a crypto token used by the WOM Protocol to create campaigns and reward word-of-mouth recommendations. For more about WOM Tokens, visit


How do I purchase WOM Tokens?

You can purchase WOM Tokens simply in the WOM Campaign Manager via the Liquid Quick Exchange. All you need is a credit card.


What are WOM Tokens worth?

The value of WOM Tokens varies by the demand and use of the Token and will fluctuate. You can always find the current WOM Token price in the WOM Campaign Manager.


What can my customers do with the WOM Tokens they earn?

Anyone who earns WOM Tokens can redeem them in the YEAY app on gift cards for more than 2500 stores. They can also simply withdraw their WOM Tokens to their personal crypto wallet and exchange their WOM Tokens for other currencies on participating 3rd-party exchanges. On these exchanges and anywhere outside the YEAY app, 3rd-party restrictions may apply.



What is Authentication?

Authentication is a peer-review process that sources the wisdom of the crowd to determine if recommendations are authentic. Authenticators rate each recommendation according to three metrics: authenticity, creativity, and positivity. All content in the WOM Campaign Manager has passed authentication and the ratings for each recommendation are visible to advertisers in the Campaign Manager.


How are recommendations rated?

WOM Authenticators use the WOM Authenticator app to identify and rate valuable word-of-mouth from your customers. They rate each recommendation on three metrics:

  1. Authenticity: how honest does the recommendation feel?
  2. Creativity: how much effort did the creator put into the recommendation?
  3. Positivity: how positive is the recommendation?

Check out for more info.


Who are the WOM Authenticators?

Anyone who wants to authenticate WOM content can download the WOM Authenticator app and become an authenticator. Authenticators are not affiliated with the WOM Protocol in any way.