Enhance your platform with authentic UGC

Give your users a better experience and monetize your platform through authentic recommendations.

The WOM Marketing Toolkit

Channel & Product Viewer

Display honest, user-generated content anywhere on your platform.

Web Recorder

Enable your customers to make authentic recommendations for your products directly on your website

Campaign Manager

Discover, leverage, measure, and reward word-of-mouth recommendations using the WOM Campaign Manager.

Dedicated Channel Display

Leverage authentic UGC offline in your brick-and-mortar stores.


of people trust 
recommendations from 
friends and family over any type of advertising


of consumers find user-generated content helpful


consumers think ads are annoying or intrusive


Platform integration

You integrate the video viewers and/or a web recorder from one of our partners.



Your users make word-of-mouth recommendations on your platform and on other WOM partner platforms


Validation process

Authenticators validate the authenticity and honesty of each recommendation


Display UGC

You choose authenticated recommendations from your users and other WOM partners to show on your platform


Earn WOM Tokens

You and your users earn WOM Tokens based on engagement with their authenticated content on your platform

Your Benefits

Enhance your user experience by implementing user-generated word-of-mouth content

  • Quality UGC

    All UCG is peer-reviewed and authenticated

    Users have an increased incentive to actively participate on your platform and create quality content
  • Uncompromised UX

    Users make recommendations directly on your platform

    No sponsored or corporate messages, leaving your users with a clean, desired user experience
  • New Revenue Model

    Completely new, non- invasive, revenue model for your platform

    You earn a share from the user activity on your platform

Get Started

Get started now by implementing a web recorder and/or a video viewer into your platform. Setup is easy and straightforward!

Web Recorder

Web Recorders are available from our official partners who handle hosting, storage, and rewards.

Product Viewer

The Product Viewer enables you to display recommendations for a specific product or service.

Channel Viewer

The Product Viewer enables you to display recommendations for a specific product or service.