How to add the WOM ERC20 Token to Trust Wallet

This article will show you how to manually add the WOM ERC20 Token to Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is a mobile-only wallet that holds a range of cryptocurrencies. This app supports other networks in addition to Ethereum.

Let's Begin

First, we start on the main account screen of Trust wallet, in the top-right hand corner of the screen you will see either a + symbol or the symbol shown below.

Add a new token to your wallet

You will arrive at the token select screen. This is where you can add and remove tokens or coins, we are looking for the WOM Token.

Search for WOM

Type WOM into the text box, you may see more than one token returned. Set the switch to ‘ON’ next to the WOM Token with the image.


Only use the token that has the branded image, remove any older versions of the token if they are selected.



When you return to the home screen, you will see the newly added WOM Token.