The WOM Campaign Manager

Find, measure, track, and reward real brand fans using the WOM Campaign Manager.

Discover WOM Content

from your brand fans about the products they love.

  • Explore all authenticated word-of-mouth recommendations for your company and competitors

  • Search brands, products, product lines, franchises, etc.

  • View, search, and sort content by authentication rating, engagement metrics, demographics, and more.

Reach new audiences

across the WOM Ecosystem

  • Create campaigns to boost the visibility of recommendations about your brand on WOM partner platforms

  • Target users based on various demographics such as location, language, and age

  • Analyze, monitor, and track KPIs and campaign performance.

Repurpose content

for ecommerce product listings, in-store displays, and more.

  • Implement word-of-mouth marketing directly on your website and in your brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Select recommendations in the Campaign Manager for your brand, products, and services.

  • Enhance your marketing and boost sales with honest user-generated content.

Reward your loyal customers

for their honest brand advocacy

  • Campaign and marketing budgets reward the creators directly.

  • Only recommendations that pass authentication are rewarded.

  • Creators are rewarded based on engagement metrics for their recommendations.

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