UGC where you
need it most

Create engaging experiences throughout your platform to increase conversion and enhance user experience

User-generated videos are viewed 10 times more than branded videos. People inherently connect with authentic, peer-to-peer content far better than polished corporate messages.

Whether you’re an ecommerce site wanting to encourage people along the sales funnel or a platform wanting to provide a better user experience through user-generated content, the WOM Channel Viewer enables you to display word-of-mouth recommendations anywhere on your platform.

Integrate the Channel Viewer and use word-of-mouth recommendations to:

  • Reassure potential customers during the checkout process

  • Enhance a user’s first impression on a landing page

  • Increase sales,
    retention, and customer

  • Encourage sign ups for a subscription, trial, or a mailing list

  • Supplement content in a news article or blog post

How it works

The Channel Viewer: Step by Step


Implement the WOM Channel Viewer
plugin anywhere on your website in
as many different places as you want.


Choose which videos you want to display in each Channel Viewer using the WOM Campaign Manager.


Set budgets and durations for each
Channel to match marketing initiatives.


Reconfigure the videos in any Channel Viewer as often as desired to reflect current marketing campaigns and user feedback.

Your Benefits

  • Increase sales, retention, and customer satisfaction

  • Enhance user experience across your entire platform

  • Full control over what
    UGC you show on your

  • Lower shopping cart abandonment rates

  • Display recommendations for any product, service, brand, or platform

Get started now!

Ready to get UGC for your website? Download the step-by-step instructions to install and set up the WOM Channel Viewer on your website.

The WOM Marketing Toolkit

Product Viewer

Display authentic word-of-mouth recommendations for your products.

Web Recorder

Enable your customers to make authentic recommendations for your products directly on your website

Campaign Manager

Discover, leverage, measure, and reward word-of-mouth recommendations using the WOM Campaign Manager.

Dedicated Channel Display

Leverage authentic UGC offline in your brick-and-mortar stores.