Convert Word-of-Mouth
into sales

Drive sales by accessing, scaling, and rewarding word of mouth recommendations from your fans.

The #1 Conversion of any marketing channel is WORD OF MOUTH

  • 2.1 Billion

    product recommendations
    made online every day

  • 50%

    of all purchase decisions led by peer-to-peer recommendations

  • 33%

    Online word-of-mouth drives 1/3 of marketing’s impact on total sales

Introducing the
WOM Protocol

The Only Authentic Word-of-Mouth Channel

The WOM Protocol gives brands and advertisers a simple way to access, scale & convert word-of-mouth marketing while ensuring honesty and authenticity of the recommendations

The WOM Protocol will launch soon.

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Campaign Manager

Get access to the WOM Campaign Manager
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Search for your products and find content
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Analyze best performing content

Create campaigns around various products, product lines, franchises, and geographies. Analyze, monitor, and track KPIs and campaign performance.


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Repurpose content for your ecommerce product listings, in-store displays, and more. You can use the content on your website and market them across all your relevant channels.

Access videos from
your fans