Increase conversion with word-of-mouth recommendations

Give your customers the final nudge they need with user-generated content at the point of sale

The catalyst for conversion

  • Your loyal customers are your most effective marketing tool.
  • Let them tell your potential customers at the point of purchase how awesome your products are.
  • The WOM Product Viewer is an easy-to-implement plugin that allows you to display word-of-mouth recommendations from your brand fans directly on your product pages.
  • Now you can give potential customers the final nudge they need to click “buy” with recommendations from their peers!

How it works

The Product Viewer: Step by Step


Implement the WOM Product Viewer in any of your product pages.


Connect your database of products in the WOM Campaign Manager.


Implement a Product Viewer for each product you want to use with UGC


Hand-pick which recommendations to show or just use all recommendations for a specific product.

Your Benefits

  • Authentic recommendations for your products from your brand fans

  • Increase sales through word of mouth

  • Leverage content from other platforms on your website

  • Convincing user-generated content at the critical decision point

  • Increase retention and customer satisfaction

Get started now!

Ready to add UGC to your product pages? Download the installation instructions and documentation now:

The WOM Marketing Toolkit

Channel Viewer

Display honest, user-generated content anywhere on your platform.

Web Recorder

Enable your customers to make authentic recommendations for your products directly on your website

Campaign Manager

Discover, leverage, measure, and reward word-of-mouth recommendations using the WOM Campaign Manager.

Dedicated Channel Display

Leverage authentic UGC offline in your brick-and-mortar stores.