Web Recorder: Give
your fans a voice

Enable your customers to make authentic recommendations for your products directly on your website

The most effective form of
marketing: Word of Mouth

  • Your brand fans are your greatest marketing tool.

  • Give them the opportunity to make video recommendations for your products they love.

  • The Web Recorder is a simple plugin you place anywhere on your website.

  • WIN-WIN: Your customers earn rewards and you get authentic user-generated content for your website.

How it works

The Web Recorder: Step by Step


You implement a Web Recorder on your website from one of our partners.


You then use various CTAs such as purchase follow-up emails to encourage customers to make recommendations for recent purchases.


Customers record their recommendations for your products using the Web Recorder on your website.


The recommendations are authenticated via the WOM Protocol and rated according to Authenticity, Creativity, and Positivity.


You access these recommendations via the Campaign Manager and can repurpose the videos for your own website or boost them on partner platforms.


Customers who made recommendations earn WOM Tokens as others view and interact with their videos.


You also earn WOM Tokens as recommendations made on your website are displayed and interacted with.

Your Benefits

  • Get product recommendations from your brand fans

  • Use the authenticated recommendations in your product listings

  • Increase sales through word of mouth

  • Offer your brand fans rewards for their honest recommendations

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention

  • Display recommendations on partner platforms for additional exposure

Use the YEAY Web Recorder

For audiences interested in lifestyle trends and discovery from electronics to fashion

Use the BULLZ Web Recorder

For crypto-savvy audiences focused on what to HODL and when MOON

The WOM Marketing Toolkit

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